Junior Software Engineer

Job description

The type of work you'll do here

  • Work with other engineers to deliver complex software projects
  • Contribute to development of company’s internal tools, tech stacks, libraries, etc

Some of the benefits

  • Competitive salary. Ranging from $75k - $90k
  • Flexible hours

  • Minutes to the train station
  • Catered lunches
  • Great coffee / Barista training


Must-have skills

  • Ability to grasp unfamiliar concepts / tools / languages and learn very quickly 
  • Algorithms

Industry experience and qualifications

  • Impressive academic transcript for computer-science related subjects; or
  • An impressive portfolio of side projects

Note: The more experience, the more the expectations will be that of a Senior engineer.  We do not wish to hire people with 5 years of experience at the “Junior” level, because we expect them to grow quickly.