About us

What is Helix Collective?

We are a unique company like no other. It’s difficult to pigeon-hole us under a traditional label.

Fundamentally we are about working on interesting, challenging projects with great, smart people. We like to call ourselves a “collective” because our ethos encompasses radical transparency and collective governance. That means everyone has ownership and a role to play in the direction the company takes, and everyone has access to the full knowledge necessary. People are encouraged to contribute to areas of the business (whether technical or otherwise) where they feel they have the most impact.

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Current openings

Junior Software Engineer
  • Sydney, Australia
Senior Software Engineer
  • Sydney, Australia

What kind of work do we do?

Interesting, Challenging, Varied Projects

Along the way we’ve been fortunate to meet and work with both talented and interesting people, and through our shared networks, we have great access to a pipeline of highly varied and technically interesting work.

We have been able to expand our capability rapidly with exposure to real life technical challenges. The ability to delve into very different industries has given us a deep understanding of products and what drives these businesses to success.

This has allowed us the freedom to innovate and work on the challenges where we think we have most impact.

A few recent highlights include:

  • Building the MVP for a number of exciting startups
  • Creating a powerful, web-gl based engineering CAD package
  • Acting as an on-going "skunkworks" team for one of Sydney's leading tech startups, building a number of subsystems or products that add to their main offering
  • Working on augmented reality software for a globally recognised tech brand
  • Transitioning a large enterprise to a modern, high-availability technology stack

What's it like to work at Helix?

The Collective

First and foremost, working at Helix is like hacking with friends.  We’re an inclusive, highly collaborative team where sharing great ideas is a key part of our formula, even when working on separate projects.  We often have retreats for fun and as a chance to work on cool ideas.

We consciously allocate time to work on internal projects, business and personal improvements - usually a day per week where we split time between internal dev, group discussions on new ideas, research for new technologies we want to learn or get involved in, and so on.

Fresh meals are brought in every day by our personal chef Stanley.  Coffee drinkers enjoy great coffee from our top notch machine -- barista training is provided -- we have a wide selection of teas, and our fridge is stocked with healthy snacks.

Although most of the week is dedicated to our many varied projects, it’s important to us that everyone’s voice is heard, that people’s personal goals are being met, and that we have an environment that fosters the sharing of ideas.  So, in addition to our ~1 day / week of internal hacking, we have regular team retros and 1:1s.